Introduction to HEI

Civitates Orbis Terrarum Braun and Hogenberg

Civitates Orbis Terrarum | Braun and Hogenberg

Human environments interaction is a new field with a long history. How we interact with our environments defines how we think and act. Ultimately our environments are a proposal for who we want to be. The focus on HEI is the interactions we have with the environment. The cognitive and perceptual apparatus we use to engage in any given context informed by the performance of our sensory organs, processes of cognition and finally, the catalog of experiences we amass and how we remember them. Calibrating responses to the environment is difficult – the complexity of the context is amplified by all of the types of sensory experiences possible in any given condition. The intention of this blog is to explore the research and knowledge across disciplines that inform our understanding of HEI.


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