My name is Winifred E Newman and I am a Professor and researcher at the University of Arkansas. The main focus of my work is in perception, psychology, architecture, and neuroscience. My areas of research include neuromorphic architecture and space perception, mapping and data visualization, and histories of technology and science. I’m interested in the way the perception of space shapes our spatial environments. My theoretical work investigates the historical intersections between architecture, neuroscience, neuroaesthetics, and history of science and technology. My applied research includes space perception and neurological issues, ecological psychology and context mapping, and neuroaesthetics. It may sound broad, but the simple version is a fascination with the way human perceptions shapes the world we think is real. The work contributes to the emerging interdisciplinary area of human environments interaction in the building sciences. I collaborate with faculty from engineering and computer sciences, arts and science, and the health sciences. We are exploring new tools in visualization (computer-augmented immersive environments) and new experimental protocols to understand how people engage with and navigate through their environments. Our goal is to develop design conventions, assistive devices, and building standards for people with cognitive impairment. Another aspect of these studies is understanding how to improve learning outcomes for students across STEM disciplines focused on the design of the learning environment. This work involves close collaboration with various architectural technology and engineering faculty.
I like untangling problems using different kinds of knowledge. My intellectual role models run toward the nineteenth century natural philosophers as they weren’t afraid to ask big questions looking at small problems. They also tended to mysticism, bad teeth, and very bushy beards – perhaps being a product of the late 20th century does have some advantages.

Winifred E Newman, Ph.D.
Professor and Head
Department of Architecture
Fay Jones School of Architecture + Design
University of Arkansas
tel: 479-575-4705 

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